Why You Need To Try IMVU For Virtual Sex Games

If you’ve never heard of IMVU before, it’s a virtual reality online game where you can create a customizable avatar and live and play through the IMVU world. It first burst onto the scene in 2004, and since then IMVU has left its mark on the virtual reality game world as the best and draws millions of users to its website.

After signing up to play for free, you get to dress your avatar in the endless amount of choices of wardrobe that IMVU players themselves create and put up for sale. That means that while its free to play, if you want to access to purchase certain clothes, pets, furniture, houses, and other items, you have to buy credits to shop.

Avatars are completely customizable, from not only wardrobe, but also hair color and style, skin tone, eye shape and color, and even give your avatar piercings to match your own in real life.

Although it’s not marketed as a 100% free sex game or an online sex game community, that’s a significant portion of the reason why so many people use and play the game. With its chat feature, you can enter hundreds of chat rooms available that are created by other IMVU users and talk with those in the chat rooms you enter.

There’s a chat room for everybody geared toward certain interests or chatroom rules, like an interest in art or “No Fighting” chatrooms, and then there are those specifically for 18+ users only. This is where the fun comes in. To make sure you’re getting into one of these chat rooms, or not depending on who you are, make sure to click the “information” icon on each chatroom name to see a description of what’s inside.

Every time you say something in a chat room, a speech bubble will pop up over your head with text inside of whatever it is you said, and you’ll also see the chat log at the bottom of the screen with the chatroom history as it happens.

In these chat rooms, this is where you’d imagine all the sex and fun between players to happen — and it does. Dedicated IMVU players have even created blogs about IMVU sex and how to play the game with sex and the best IMVU sex tips.

Those with imagination and a way with words will find that IMVU lets you express things that sometimes you can’t with just a body. That’s another reason why players love IMVU for virtual sex — it’s more than just bodies fucking one another; there’s a certain level of intimacy that must be played for the virtual sex to be enjoyable.

You can roleplay in the free version of IMVU and chat with somebody you like and basically just sex, and even have your bodies interact intimately. But if you’re looking for the full experience, your best bet is to purchase the Access Pass from IMVU that lets you wear exclusive sexy outfits or be completely naked, and buy different animated sex positions for your avatar to engage in while chatting.

IMVU gives you so many options and allows you to have fun in an online sex simulation, while also being fun to play in your free time and interact with others in this virtual world. Sign up today and see what you can unleash by playing the game!